Conference Scholarships

The Conference Scholarship was designed to assist members who wished to attend conferences with a subject matter that would be informative and useful to them and their family. Funding is limited to $200/person and $400/family each year.



Recreational Scholarships

Recreational scholarships are available to individuals with Down syndrome who wish to take part in recreational activities that include, but are not limited to, organized sports, summer camps, exercise classes, swim lessons, gymnastics and dance. Funding is limited to $200/person and $400/family each year.


Educational Scholarships

Educational Scholarship program provides financial assistance to assist member who wish to attend in in educational activities. These activities might include but are not limited to IEP training, Wright's Law, private tutoring, auditing college courses, purchase of talk tools or educational electronic applications.  Funding is limited to $200/person and $400/family each year.



Down Syndrome Center at Hope Haven Scholarships

The Down Syndrome Center’s evaluation assesses the following: Educational Progress, Speech and Language Skills, Behavioral and Social Skills, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Issues. After evaluation(s), your family will receive a comprehensive report on your child’s strengths with recommendations for maximizing their potential. This report will serve as a tool to help your child succeed in the school setting, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) preparation and in the at-home involvement.
4600 Beach Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 346-5100  info@hope-haven.org 

Click here to learn more about the Step Up For Students Scholarships for Florida schoolchildren.

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The scholarship recipients will be required to share information concerning their experience by a choice of one or more of the following four Member Service Options prior to reimbursement. Please choose your option:

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If I am approved for funding, I agree to turn in receipts for all expenses I hope to receive reimbursement for, a copy of the conference program, and your Member Service Options.




Scholarship Requirements

Funding is limited to $200/person and $400/family each year.  Interested persons must complete a FRIENDS Scholarship Application Form and return it to FDSWF. For the conference scholarships, the form must be returned no less than three weeks prior to the conference date. 
Scholarships are limited to one per family per calendar year.

All applicants must provide a medical diagnosis of Down syndrome for themselves or their immediate family member in order to be considered.

The scholarship recipients will be required to share information concerning their experience by a choice of one or more of the following four member service options prior to reimbursement:

  • Write an article for our newsletter
  • Join and participate in a FDSWF Committee
  • Run an Informational Meeting
  • Volunteer at a FDSWF event

Exhibitors or any individual (except Self-Advocates) benefitting professionally or financially are not eligible.

All funds will be distributed on a reimbursement basis. Evidence of expenses (receipts), member service option, and attendance documents must be submitted prior to funds being distributed. For the Conference Scholarship receipts, must be received 30 days after the end of the conference in order for reimbursement to be made.

Approval will be based on eligibility guidelines and reasons for wanting to attend the conference. The decision will be made by the FDSWF Board of Directors thirty (30) days after the designated deadline or receipt of application.

These rules shall be interpreted in a flexible manner to accomplish the purpose of this fund. Any rule(s) may be waived by the Board of FDSWF.