Purpose: To assist families of individuals with special needs by providing financial assistance for services that may not be otherwise covered by insurance or other funding sources.

 Types of Support, but are not limited to:

Conference Scholarships

The Conference Scholarship was designed to assist members who wished to attend special needs conferences or workshops.

Medical Scholarships

FDSWF Medical Scholarships program will provide financial assistance to help pay for PT/OT, Speech, Rehab, medical equipment or The Hope Haven Evaluation.

Recreational Scholarships

Recreational scholarships are available to individuals with Down syndrome who wish to take part in recreational activities.

FDSWF Hardship Scholarships

FDSWF will provide funds for families in crisis.

Educational Scholarships

FDSWF Education Scholarship program provides financial assistance to assist member who wish to attend in in educational activities. These activities might include but are not limited to IEP training, Wright’s Law, private tutoring, auditing college courses, purchase of talk tools or educational electronic applications.

Buddy Walk Registration/T-Shirts

Scholarship funds can be used to pay for the Buddy Walk registration and family t-shirts for up to five family members.


Limitations: No scholarships are to be given for organizations/businesses, fundraiser drives, debt reduction, medications, transportation, respite, or travel expenses.

 Geographical Focus: Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties.

Scholarship Amounts and Payment: Scholarships will be awarded in amounts up to and including $500 with special consideration given to those who have not previously received funds from FDSWF.  Scholarship money will be paid directly to the approved provider.  Funds will not be distributed in cash and will not be given to the recipient.

All Scholarships will be approved at the discretion of the FDSWF Board of Directors.

  • Applications will be accepted and considered without regard to sex, religion, ethnic background, race, or national origin.
  • One Scholarship per individual or family per year, not to exceed $500.
  • All persons applying for scholarships must be active members of FDSWF and have attended at least one FDSWF function within the last year to be considered.

If approved, you must agree to:

  • Complete the FDSWF Scholarship form
  • Write a small article about your family to be featured in our newsletter.
  • Volunteer four hours at a FDSWF event or volunteer on a committee or host a Playgroup/Social Club event/outing

Contact information: If you have questions regarding the application process or scholarship program, contact FDSWF at or call (813)245-2782.

Scholarship Application

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If I am approved for funding, I agree to turn in receipts for all expenses I hope to receive reimbursement for, a copy of the conference program, and your Member Service Options.